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10 days in Mexico-Holbox!

After 5 days in Costa Mujeres we headed to Holbox, Mexico! Our shuttle picked us up, and we loaded up for the 2 1/2 hour trip to the ferry port in Chiquila, Mexico. After arriving at the ferry, we hired a local boat to take us on the 20 minute ride over to Holbox. Then we arrived in paradise! This remote little island off the Yucatan coast is all sand streets, fun restaurants, beaches, and the mode of transportation is your own feet, bicycle, or golf cart. If you are looking to unplug this is the place to go!

After arriving and getting settled in, we walked a few blocks into town for lunch and supplies. Since we had a long journey, we decided to order in some of the famous lobster pizza and have an early night!

The next morning we decided to take a running tour of the island! At only a mile across and 26 miles long (most of which are uninhabited), we were able to easily run through the town and all the way down to Mosquito Beach. This was a great way for us to get a quick tour!

The beach areas all offer beach clubs. We were recommended to Cafe Del Mar, and we were welcomed there with a full set up for the day. We spent our day eating, swimming in the clear waters, and being waited on hand and foot! The staff was amazing! The cost for the day rental was $500 pesos ($28 USD), and the food/drinks were inexpensive. We set up excursions for the next few days, 3 islands tour, bioluminescence bay tour, and golf cart rental (we paid $600 USD for all 7 of us to do all of the tours).

We were picked up early for our 3 islands tour, and the water in the early morning was like glass making for a smooth boat ride. We went to a protected island that is a bird sanctuary, swam in a cenote, swam off of a deserted island with shallow crystal clear water, and went out to the sandbar off Mosquito Island. The kids really loved the cenote!

We loved walking into town at night to enjoy all of the local restaurants. One of our favorite was directly on the beach, with an amazing sunset view! Most of our evening meals were $150 USD for 7 of us with appetizers, and a few cocktails! The kids loved to go get crepes after dinner made in the downtown square.

The day we rented a golf cart we had big plans! We wanted to head out to Punta Cocos which is about a mile outside of the main town. We were not disappointed! We loved spending our day lounging around in the hammocks and wading in the shallow waters.

Our last full day in Holbox, we got up at 4 am to go see the bioluminescent bay. You need to go when it is completely dark, so we had to go after the moon set. Oh, and we were in for such a treat! Not only was the bioluminescent bay amazing, but seeing all of the stars and milky way in the clear sky was beautiful! This is not be missed!

We ended our stay with one last lobster pizza, and packed up for our long journey back to Oklahoma the next day. All in all, we loved Holbox and highly would recommend taking the longer journey to get to this unbelievable paradise!

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