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3 reasons why you need a travel agent in 2022

2021 has shown us that travel is back! Travelers are ready to get back out seeing the world. Travel can be more complicated now, and having a travel agent can make the transition into the new world of travel seamless.

Reason #1-Money

It's all about the money! We are shopping around to find you the best price and value. Are you scratching your head...isn't that the same thing? Not exactly. We not only take into consideration finding the lowest rate, but we also want to ensure it is the best value for you as well. Example, we find your package for $2500 with a 2 stop, late arrival flight, and adding insurance to the trip increases your package to $3000. Then, we find your trip for $2700 with a much better flight schedule, and the insurance makes the package $2830. It's a much better value for you to go with the second package. We also compare finding added values. If you are wanting to do excursions, we will suggest a resort that offers included excursions. We also do a cost comparison of private shuttle vs. shared. We are always shopping to ensure you get the best price and value!

We aren't only talking about travel insurance! Yes, we are going to offer you travel insurance, and find you the best rate & option for your trip. In a way, a travel agent is a kind of insurance! We there to lead you through the entire process of your trip. We ensure you know the regulations for the destination you are traveling. We ensure we are available for questions both before and during travel. And, what if you need to make a last-minute change due to a regulation change, or test arriving late. We are there to make this process easy for you! Need real life examples?

We had a honeymoon couple not receive their COVID tests back on time, we were able to quickly rebook them to a destination that didn't require a COVID test to ensure they were able to go on their honeymoon the next day!

We have had flights delayed enough to where a COVID test would be outside of the timeline to enter a country. What do you do!? Call us! We can either contact the tourism board to get an extension, or get you to a facility to get another test.

And, of course, we always recommend travel insurance for those situations as well!

Rules and regulations are constantly changing! We walk you through the process, and give you all the information you need to travel. We ensure you have the proper documentation to enter your destination, and advise you on where to find the most up to date information. As a travel agent, we keep up to date, and if a regulation changes that will affect your trip, we will notify you and work through the situation. Need real life examples?

Turks and Cacios recently updated their entry regulations, and our clients needed to change their destination. We were able to notify them, and work through finding them an alternate option that worked for them.

We had clients entering Jamaica, who didn't realize they needed to save their entry form. They called us, we were able to pull it up, and text them a screenshot.

We also give you all the tools, websites, apps, and information to make COVID entry regulations as easy as possible!

Ready to travel in 2022? Give us a call or email to start planning your trip to today.

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