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3 reasons why you need a travel agent in 2022-Part 2

In our first post about why you need a travel agent in 2022, we went over money, insurance/assurance, and rules/regulations. As we enter the new year, it is becoming more apparent why hiring a travel agent in 2022 will be the best decision when booking a vacation!

Let’s dive into the money part again! In our first blog we talked about value and lowest rates. Now let’s talk about money as it relates to the dreaded COVID-19. Travel is different now! Expect the unexpected. We must anticipate that some countries may change their entry requirements, making it unfeasible for you to go to that destination. Having travel insurance will allow the most flexibility in adjusting or canceling your vacation. Either way, we will work on finding the best alternate solution. We work with the airlines, resorts, and transportation to make modifications based on your needs. If all else fails, we work on getting the most refunds/future travel credit possible or contact your insurance for a full refund if applicable.

We recently had clients who had planned a vacation to a country who changed their vaccination requirements unexpectedly and without much advanced notice. After notifying the clients, they decided to look for another option. We quickly had them rebooked to another location within their original budget, saving their honeymoon!


The pandemic has changed how we travel, and we must take this into consideration. We keep up to date on all the regulations of COVID-19 travel. We supply the entry requirements prior to booking your trip and also before travel in case your destination has had a change in regulations. In addition, if you have a positive test while in destination, we are there to walk you through the steps for beginning an insurance claim, working with your resort, and modifying your flights. You will not be alone, as we are there to walk you through all the steps.

We had a large group traveling to a destination that required very specific COVID-19 tests. They called as they were unsure about getting a test at a certain testing center, the center said it was approved. We quickly informed the client the testing facility was not approved and got them in contact with an approved center to obtain their test.


This can be the game changer for someone who never used a travel agent. We are just a call away. If you are having trouble filling out an entry card, want up to date masks mandates for your destination, delayed/missed flight, or your room isn’t perfect upon arrival, we are your advocate and assist in all ways possible!

Remember the ice storm of 2021?! We had many clients on vacation in Mexico. Flights were delayed for up to 3 days in some instances. We were able to be the ones on the phone making adjusting for our clients, so they got to continue enjoying the beach. In addition, we were able to advise on how to obtain distressed rates and assist them in opening insurance claims to get reimbursed for expenses.

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