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How to pick the perfect Destination Wedding location.

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

This may be simple for couples who have a sentimental reason for their choice. However, most couples we work with need help finding the perfect location. We've gathered a short list to help narrow the search.


It's not the most fun topic to discuss, but it might be the most important. We understand it is hard to know the cost of travel and the wedding in any given location, but you need to determine how much you can spend. Knowing which destinations will be reasonable and which will not, will save time in the planning process. This is the easiest way to narrow your search!

Consider your guests.

If it's only the two of you then this one is simple! If you're planning on having guests, here are a few things to keep in mind. Estimate how many guests will attend. If you're thinking 100+ guests, a small, boutique hotel with 90 rooms will not work. Will kids be traveling? If yes, then cross off adult-only resorts. Think about the travel time and difficulty to the destination. How far will your guests be willing to travel? Does it require multiple layovers? These are just a few things to think about when considering guests.

Eliminate destinations.

There are probably places you have no desire to travel or you've already explored and want to try something new. Taking destinations off the table can assist in the search for the perfect location too.

Style and personality.

Now it's getting a bit more fun! Use your personalities to help find the best location. Laid-back, adventurous, sophisticated? Consider your hobbies. Think about places you and your fiancé are drawn to or always wanted explore. What does the backdrop look like? Do you have a vision of the turquoise sea or mountains in the background? Are you looking for a unique, cultural experience? There are a lot of things about you that can help match the perfect destination.

Wedding date.

Do you have a set date in mind? Consider the time of year and season. Some destinations will be more desirable than others at certain times of the year. Will it be peak hurricane season, rainy, or unbearably hot and humid? Knowing the wedding date will help eliminate locations based on the season.

We've covered a short list of ways to ease the destination search! As travel advisor's, we are here to help find the right fit and take away the stress of the overwhelming process.

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