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How to Be Prepared and Avoid Summer Travel Pitfalls 2022

We are seeing a huge increase in travel this summer, as the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions has increased travel demand. Airlines suffering employee shortages, combined with fewer flights in operation, have created travel shortcomings. There are a few tricks and tips that may help you along the way, as well as packing your patience and kindness as we navigate the basics of travel.

Travel Plans Can Change

One of the biggest problems we are encountering this summer is flights being delayed and/or cancelled. Due to staff shortages, crew time out, weather related incidents, and mechanical problems, flights can change without notice. This can leave you scrambling to find a last-minute hotel in an unfamiliar city. Although there is little that can be done to anticipate these changes this summer, being prepared by having an emergency stash of travel money can assist in unexpected hotel or meal costs. Airlines will assist in the cost in certain instances such as mechanical related problems. Many delays that are considered ‘Acts of God’ are not covered and there is little recourse to recoup costs. We always recommend checking to see if the airline will provide a hotel voucher or if they have a discounted rate with an airport hotel. It is important to be prepared by packing medications, a phone charger, basic toiletries, and a change of clothes in a carry-on in the event of flight delays or delayed luggage.

Declining Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is what protects your investment in the event you need to make modifications, cancel entirely, experience travel delays or any other pitfalls. Without travel insurance you are at the mercy of the terms and conditions of your vacation package which may offer little protection in these circumstances. Having travel insurance gives you the added level of protection to assist in any out-of-pocket costs due to circumstances beyond your control.

Not Being Prepared for Out-Of-Pocket Costs

We remind our clients often to be prepared for credit cards to be requested for things such as rental cars and hotel check-in; even if they are paid in full. These ‘holds’ are for incidental costs while on site, and you will be refunded for any funds not used. The refunds can take several days to process after check-out. Not being prepared with a high enough credit limit or enough funds in your account can be a huge surprise for many travelers. These charges can vary greatly and even vary at one resort depending on the time of year.

Pack Your Patience

Airports are packed, resorts are understaffed, and any mishaps can cause impatience. We do find that patience and kindness can greatly improve a negative situation, as well as the ability to be flexible.

Our office is here to assist in planning a great summer vacation! We recommend being prepared for mishaps, as delays and interruptions are common this summer.

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