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How to be prepared for flight interruptions!

The past year brought an increase of flight cancelations, delays and changes. While it’s not possible to predict which flights will be impacted, there are ways to be prepared. We compiled a list to help alleviate the frustration of these travel interruptions.

Before you go!

Check your travel insurance! Most during travel insurance will cover flight interruptions should you have added costs due to the flight changes. The airlines responsibility to cover a hotel, dining, and unexpected out of pocket expenses is limited and can depend on the reason for delay or cancelation. In the case of a weather delay, the airlines will not cover a hotel or out of pocket expenses. This can be costly so having a good during travel protection plan is worth the peace of mind! In anticipation of a flight delay or cancelation, pack an extra set of clothes, medication, and snacks in your carry on.

Schedule changes

Changes to your original flight schedule can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is necessary for the airline to adjust the schedule, make an equipment change, or cancel a schedule. This can cause a change in the entire schedule, seat changes, or just simply a flight number change. The airline will try to keep you close to your original schedule or seat assignment but it’s not always possible. Just be aware that the original flight you book can be changed at any time prior to travel. Usually it’s a minor adjustment. If it’s a major change, we are available to assist in looking for alternate options and making any necessary changes.


Always download the airline app to your phone for easy access to flight notifications. What happens if your flight is delayed? If you have a connecting flight, make sure you still have time to make your connection. If the delay will affect your next flight, ask the gate agent for alternate options. The agent has quick access to flight availability and can change your flight as needed. It’s a good idea to pack a portable charger and activities to help pass the time if you end up stuck at the airport for extended time. I once had a long delay with my family and ended up spending an extra $200 at the airport. This is also when extra snacks come in handy!


What do you do if your flight is canceled? Check your app. Most often, the airline will protect you on the next available flight or offer options for you to confirm. If you are open to alternate airports, check with the airline agent to see if there is an option that will get you there on a similar schedule. Contact us and we will assist in finding alternate options or make any necessary adjustments to your trip.

Most important!

Be kind and be patient! It can be a stressful situation for everyone involved. Reach out to us, your travel agents. We are here to help navigate your options. In the event you have to miss a day or arrive later than expected, we will notify the hotel and transportation company. If shifting your dates is an option to avoid missing a day, we work with the supplier to make it happen. We will assist in finding the best back up plan and keep you on track for your vacation!

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