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Packing tips & tricks!

Going on vacation is exciting! Packing for vacation is not! We put together a basic guide to help make packing easy and your travel experience better.

Carry on/personal item

Here are a few things we like to keep in our carry-on!

*An extra outfit/swimsuit. If you arrive to your resort before your room is ready, you are free to use the pools, restaurants, etc. An extra outfit in your carry-on makes it easier to change into something more comfortable.

*Snacks and reusable water bottle! Airport food is expensive. Bring a few snacks for a layover or to enjoy on the plane.

*Wet wipes/sanitizing wipes

*Sunglasses, eye mask

*Activities/books/electronics-For kids, we like the window clings for the plane and the color wonder packs. Check out the dollar store for activities!

*Portable charger, noise canceling headphones

*Medication-Don’t forget your medications and always keep them with you!

*Wallet/passport/ID/travel documents-A document holder is great for keeping these items organized.

Remember to follow the liquid rule. TSA

What to bring?

Plan out your day and make a list! If you’re a last minute packer, this will save you from overpacking and forgetting things you need. Not going to lie. We have been known to pack as if we'll be changing clothes 10 times in one day. Ha! So, to avoid this, It's helpful to think through each day. If you’re trying to pack light, use a smaller suitcase. You’ll be tempted to fill up a large suitcase. Choose basic items you can mix and match. Plan on wearing bulky items and layers on the plane. Check the airline website for baggage details. Most airlines charge for checked luggage. If you can get by with a carry on, it will save you time and money!

Packing essentials

Use packing cubes to keep your items separate and organized. You can find them on Amazon, at TJ Max, Target, etc. Pack heavy items first. Roll your lightweight clothes and t-shirts. Wrap your shoes with a grocery bag or shower cap to keep from getting your clothes dirty. Stuff smaller items in your shoes. Keep your toiletries together in a plastic bag. Bring extra ziplock or wet bags for dirty and wet clothes. Add a couple of dryer sheets in your bag to keep your things smelling fresh.

There you have it! These are a few valuable tips we've learned along the way. We hope some of this is helpful for your next vacation!

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