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Protecting Your Travel

Protecting your travel can be a hard decision. The thoughts of 'Do I really need this?', 'Is this worth the extra expense?' and "I'm not going to be canceling my trip', run through everyone's minds when they hear travel insurance.

Travel insurance is not only protection for if you need to unexpectedly cancel your trip, but it also covers unexpected occurrences. Get stung by a jellyfish and need a trip to the doctor? Insurance will reimburse those expenses if you have the medical coverage rider. Lost luggage? Insurance will reimburse you a set amount of money to cover those purchases made for necessities you needed during your travels.

The most frequent use of travel insurance is for total cancellation of your trip. Unexpected things happen, loss of a job, illness, accident, etc. And, there are times, you need to completely cancel or reschedule a trip. Insurance will reimburse you minus the cost of the insurance during those instances.

In many instances, we can add 'cancel for any reason' insurance, and you may cancel your trip anytime before departure, for any reason. This is one of the most common insurance policies we suggest, as it offers the most comprehensive protection. In addition, it also covers change fees, medical, and those trip delay/lost baggage scenarios.

There are many insurance options available, and rates can be very inexpensive for basic polices. We recommend visiting with us to find a policy to fit your needs and budget.

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