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Top 5 questions about Hawaii explained

Hawaii has become a popular destination request. You don't need a passport, the entry restrictions have been lifted, and it's gorgeous! Not to mention the history, culture, and food. Hawaii is fast becoming the destination to see.

Below we answer some of the most common questions we get about Hawaii.

  1. Are there any all inclusive options? Unfortunately, Hawaii does not offer any all inclusive options similar to Mexico and the Caribbean. There is options for breakfast included, or resort credit included that may be used for food/drinks. We are always happy to see if the resort you are interested has any promotions running that do include additional perks.

  2. How much do I need to budget for food/drinks? This is a common question, and it is the hardest to answer. We do not have a quick easy answer for you. This can greatly depend on you, your dining style, and alcohol consumption. We always advise to google some of the local restaurants to see menu prices. You may also utilize food trucks, or some quick service options if you are looking to cut costs. Buying snacks and drinks to keep in your mini fridge can also be a great option.

  3. What is a resort fee? A pesky nuisance! It is the fee the resort charges per day that is separate from the nightly hotel cost. It generally covers some services, such as Wi-Fi, gym use, pool towels, coffee/tea packets for room, shuttle services. Sometimes they may be more comprehensive offering fitness classes, surf/paddleboard lessons, play station/DVD for the room, continental breakfast. It is best to check the resort's website to see if you resort has a resort fee, and what it covers. To piggy back on this question, be prepared for the resort to request a credit card upon check in, and for there to be a hold put on for incidentals.

  4. Do I need a rental car? This can depend on which island you visit, and how much exploring you will be doing. Some islands in Hawaii may not require a rental car (and the parking may be hard to find and expensive), and other islands you may need a car to get around. Another option is to do a one day rental car for days you will be exploring or going on an excursion. Hawaii offers one day rentals, and you can often do this on site at your resort in many instances. Another thing to note, in many of the tourist destinations, there is public transportation and trolleys making it easy to get around the area to shopping/restaurants. We are happy to discuss with you when making a reservation.

  5. How do I know which island to pick? This is such a great question and depends on your interest while in Hawaii! We are happy to visit with you about your interests while traveling and can help you figure out which island would best fit for your vacation. If you have a little more time to travel, we recommend trying to see two islands, if possible, to really experience all that Hawaii has to offer!

We hope this answers your Hawaii questions, If you have a question that is not answered, please feel free to reach out to our office. Aloha and happy travels!

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