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Tiffany Howard


Independent Contractor-Under The Sun Travel

"So many of my family's best memories are from traveling and putting trips together is my passion. I especially like helping others plan their own multi-generational vacations. When my clients come back with all of their incredible stories, I know I did a good job!

We lived in Florida for 10 years and now being back in Oklahoma we miss the beach so we take many trips to the Caribbean. We are starting to focus on exploring Europe after my husband and I traveled there for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. We truly loved Barcelona, Venice and Positano. Pompeii was a bucket list item for sure! We couldn’t wait to go see more of Europe with our boys so that was our 2nd trip! We traveled to Amsterdam, Berlin and several places in Belgium.

Most people say they don't enjoy the extensive amount of time and research required to make a trip perfect. That is where I come in! I can free you up for the fun part, actually traveling! I look forward to working with you to plan your perfect getaway!"

Tiffany can be reached by email at

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