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AMA Waterways Best of Belgium and Holland

WOW! I wasn't sure what to expect. I was headed to Europe for my first time and going on my very first cruise. Ama Waterways was first class all of the way!

Day 1-We arrived in Amsterdam and headed to the cruise port. We arrived right around 12 pm, and were promptly checked in. Our room was ready 30 minutes later, after we enjoyed a quick cup of tea to warm up. We quickly unpacked and returned down for lunch service. My sister headed out to explore, and I elected to take a nap! That evening we enjoyed an included cocktail hour and got an overview of the week. After cocktails, dinner was served in the dining room. All meals, beer & wine, drinks, excursions, tea time, and cocktail hour each evening was included. We enjoyed a 5 course dinner with wine parings each evening! A small group headed in to Amsterdam to explore after dinner, and then we returned to get a good night sleep!

Day 2-We had multiple excursion options. I choose to enjoy an Amsterdam canal tour in the morning, and a tour of Castle De Haar in the afternoon. My sister biked to the castle and back!

Day 3-We arrived in a Disney story brook town of Veere. It was raining, but we still choose to explore the city. In the afternoon, we took a bike ride from Veere to Middleburg. Due to the rain, there was only 2 of us signed up, and they still sent us on the excursion. We rode down country lanes, toured a local farm, and had a beautiful day after the rain cleared. On all of the bike excursions, they send the Wellness Coach with us. That evening, we enjoyed a 3 mile run with the Wellness Coach in Veere!

Day 4-We were advised to do the full day in Bruges! And, it didn't disappoint! Wow is all I can say about this UNSECO city. We toured the city, drank Belgium beer in the town square and had an amazing lunch.

Day 5-We decided to do the Brussels bike tour! After a full 3.5 hours on the bike, I was worn out! But, I had made a commitment to run in each country, so I headed out for a 3 mile run on the waterfront! In the afternoon, I headed out to make chocolate. In the evening, we headed into Brussels to have a nice dinner off the boat.

Day 6-Antwerp. I unexpectedly joined a small bike tour and didn't regret a minute! What a beautiful city! I fell in love! In the afternoon, a fairly large group of us joined a beer tasting! Tasting....more like a pub crawl! We had an amazing time drinking beer in the pubs while it rained outside. It was magical!

Day 7-Our last day on board! We did the Dordrecht walking tour, which is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. And, then bicycled through Kinderdijk! What a wonder to bike through the beautiful old windmills, which is another UNSECO site. We were in wonder as they are all operational, and each have someone living in them!

Day 8-We were driven to the airport and send in with an AMA escort to assist us in getting checked in easily for our flights! First class service all the way!

Fun Facts!

There were 84 guests on board. Ages ranged from 13 years old to 85 years old. There were several multi-generational families on board.

Excursions range from gentle to active to appeal to all travelers. Excursions run even if only one guest is signed up.

There are multiple excursions offered each day!

What's included?

All meals, they even bring you back on board for a daily lunch. We had two options for breakfast, the dining room, or a continental option for later risers in the lounge. Lunch is offered in the dining room, or lighter options are offered in the lounge. Dinner is offered in the dining room, and was amazing each evening! We loved the wine offerings!

Drinks-All soft drinks, tea, coffee are offered. In addition, wine and beer is offered during meal times unlimited. There is also a daily included cocktail hour from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm.

Excursions-All excursions are included. There are multiple options each day, ranging from gentle to active.

Wellness-There is a wellness program offered with multiple options for exercise daily.

Staff-The staff is so knowledgeable about the destinations, and full of wonderful advice and information!

Entertainment-There was nightly entertainment offered in the lounge.

This was an amazing way to see Europe for a first time traveler. Everything is coordinated for you! Plus, it is an easy transition if you prefer to have an all inclusive experience, as everything is included. If you have wanted to explore Europe, but hesitant due to having to plan your days, this is an amazing option!

We enjoyed such a memorable experience, and can't wait to river cruise more in the future!

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