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Honeymoon Planning!

Ready to take plan your first trip as Mr. and Mrs.? We are here to make your honeymoon planning stress free! Here are our tips for creating the perfect honeymoon, and how we can help!

1) Location, location, location! This is where we get such a wide variety. Choosing a location can be based off several factors, how much travel time you want to take in getting to your location, your interests while traveling, and your budget for your honeymoon. We like to see what you are looking for in your honeymoon, are you imagining a secluded boutique resort on a beach, or are you looking for more adventure? Being able to visit about what your ideal honeymoon looks like to both of you, can help us narrow down locations that fit your needs!

2) Budget. Having a budget can assist us in determining the best options based off of your wants/needs in a honeymoon. We customize your trip based off of the budget you are comfortable, and we are happy to work with any budget. Different times of the year, how long you are staying, flight costs, and resort style can impact costs greatly. The sample costs below are only for estimate purposes, and are for 7 nights in an all inclusive unless noted non all inclusive



Dominican Republic-$3,500-$8,000

Caribbean islands-$5,000-$15,000

Hawaii (not all inclusive)-$3,500-$10,000

South Pacific (not all inclusive)-$6,000-$15,000

Maldives (not all inclusive)-$10,000-$15,000

Europe (not all inclusive)-$5,000-$15,000

This is just a sample of popular locations, we offer every destination in the world! And, these are just estimate guidelines, packages can be less based off of time of year and length of stay.

We offer low deposits, and payment plans to assist in budget planning.

3) Service. There is a common misconception that using a travel agent can cost more than planning yourself. We do not charge any fees, and are the same rates as the internet, except you get us! We are included! We offer concierge services to create the perfect honeymoon. We put in special requests, offer extra honeymoon amenities, put in dietary preferences/restrictions, plan excursions, spa appointments, dinner on the beach, breakfast in bed, any thing that would make this the perfect trip. And, it's all included when you book with us!

We love vacation planning, and we look forward to assisting you in making your honeymoon dreams a reality!

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